The end of the trail

On 1 January 2013, I started on the first draft of a new crime thriller.  After seven months of playing in my mental sand box, I finished that draft and sat back from the computer hollow eyed and exhausted.

Writing is mentally difficult, even when you’re having fun.  Telling a story is a weird combination of creativity and logic because the story must make sense and feel plausible, yet it must also thrill.  You can’t just splatter 80,000 words into a file and hope it makes sense.  The story must be coherent.

But just because it’s difficult doesn’t mean it’s not fun.  In fact, writing a story is great fun, and I love the process.  In a few weeks, I’ll pick up the manuscript and start the edits, but for right now I’m working on other projects.  You have to let these things cool off and then approach them with fresh eyes.

On a side note:  If you’re a writer, finish your book.  That’s my advice.  No matter how bad it seems, just finish it.  Because before you can fix it, you have to have something to fix.

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