A spring update from the writing business

Internet articles and writer friends constantly remind me that the publishing business is in a fluid state that hasn’t solidified into one dominant model.  Indie writers tell you to go indie, agents and paper publishers tell you to join them.  Amazon does this, Big Five does that, ebooks, audio books, trade paperbacks, royalties, mergers, and on and on.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that I don’t have any control of what’s happening, but I do control what I write.  So I’m in a mode where I just hunker down and put words on paper (or screen).  In this case, I’m 30,000 words into the first draft of a crime thriller, and it’s going well enough to make me nervous.  Because it’s fine to start a good novel, but the important thing is to finish it well.

Instead of agonizing over my sales at Amazon or iTunes or wherever, I’m writing.  As a writer, you can’t let the success or failure of your last project overly influence the completion of your current project.  It does affect your work, but as much as possible you have to set those thoughts aside and simply exist in your story.  Writing is the fun part, the part where you play in your mental sand box and make up characters and stories because you want to.  And if you’re having fun with the story, I think your readers will, too.

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